The very beginning


We do not have very valid historical documents about beginnings of Vodica, but something has happened in that place. The vivid tradition of the local people is the only witness.

The oldest document about Vodica is the letter from the Priest Janko Kopcaji to the Bishop of Krizevci in 1827. He gave us this precious description: `On my parish territory, on the main road from Ruski Kerestur via Brestovac and Stapar to Sombor city, not far from the village, there is a little well. It is used by the pilgrims. Not long ago, about year ago, few local girls saw something unusual.  They saw enormous light and they were frightened. They run away, but they saw the light even though they were at bigger distance. When they came home, they told the story to their relatives and neighbors. Lots of them, guided by the curiosity, walk to that place to see with their own eyes is that is the truth or not. Some of them saw, with astonishment and fear, stars rising from the water and light similar to fire. Also, they saw a child body in the water. This was repeating and vanishing. These miracles saw by different peoples in the different periods of the day, made lot of people from other places in surrounding to come to see and pray near the well.   


The first unusual appearance


The first unusual appearance near well took place in 7.7.1817 when a worker was sleeping near. He heard underground sounds and saw in a dream a beautifully dressed lady. After five years, as the first event took place, something even bigger happened. The event which took place in 1822 was known in the area and caused a huge interesting for the well of the local people. At 6. 6. 1822 at eleven o clock two girls Elizabeth Ramach and Helen Vislavski saw the Virgin Mary in beautiful clothes. The appearance was very often in the twenties of the nineteen century. The first commission for The Vodica case was formed in 1830 because of numerous healings and other miracles. Unfortunately, the commission did not do the task. The other two commissions were formed in 1856 and 1857. It was the moment when people were thinking to build the church of Vodica.

The parson Janko Gvozdzak made a request for permit to build a church of Vodica . The Bishop of Krizevci 29.3. 1857 was asking for more information from the Vice Archbishop Shovsh, who gave a positive opinion. After that, the permission for building of Church of Vodica was authorized.


The processions


One of the biggest processions arose in the Vodica � The Sacrament Day. The beginning was in 1853 when the hail hit the fields near Ruski Krstur. This misfortune made our people to pray harder. Even though the third day of the Whitsunday (Pentecost) was not a holly day, our grandfathers had chosen this day to dedicate to The Virgin Mary with a pray to care on them, their fields and crops. From 1922 there is a week in May when there are services every day in Vodica.   


The Periods of Vodica Progress


Vodica has three periods:

- The first begins with the first appearance 1817-1853
- The second 1853-1890
- The third from1941 till today

The Vodica begins to develop from 1853 кед Водица. In 1853 on the second day of Whitsun the hail hit the crops. From that year, on the third day of Whitsunday on the third day, the procession from village goes to Vodica. At 18. 8. 1855 under the request of numerous pilgrims, on the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the cross and the well was dedicated. The picture of Mary was put above the well. The first wooden church was made in 1856, with help of believers.

After collecting fourteen testimonies. The Vodica was confirmed as pilgrimages` place. In 1859 the permission for building the church was allowed. The church of Vodica was built by the architect from Sombor Carl Gfrner. He paid for the material. He refunded his money from the Vodica pilgrim`s charity. The Church of Vodica was dedicated to the honor of The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is one of the first churches dedicated to that Christian Truth. The icons were made by academic painter Lazar Milukich from Kula. In 1954 on the third day of Whitsunday the first archbishop service was held by the bishop Gabriel Bukatko.


The history of Vodica






The first appearance at the well


The main appearance at 6.6 at eleven o`clock am, seen by Elizabeth Ramach and Jelena Vislavski


The appearance seen by the local people. About thirty healings


The letter of priest Kopcaji. The firs written document about Vodica


The firs commission in Vodica


The first Vowel day


The cross and well sanctified


The firs wooden church was built


Priest Gvozdzak made notes about healings. Two commissions were made in Themishvar i. Permission for building allowed from Krizevci and Themishvar 


The new chapel was built by architect Carl Gferner


The chapel Initiated on the Annunciation


Painted the oldest icon


The Roman catholic was allowed to service in the church of Vodica


The house near church was built


Brazilians came


Icons were painted


Nuns came


The shelter for pilgrims was made. The Day of The Queen Marry and The Day of Young People was established


Vodica became the main place for forgiveness in honor of the anniversary


Became the center of  reunion for young people


Established as a place of forgiveness in honor of Mary`s year


In honor of 1000 years of baptizing in Kiev Russ the new house was built near Vodica and  the asphalt road to Vodica